A free evaluation visit is arranged by telephone or email; It determines the project to be carried out and the time needed and is then budgeted, which the client then has to approve as a prerequisite.

The organizational service is not a cleaning service. The cleaner the space to sort, the better the result will be. If the client has his own personnel for this work, it is much better to use this resource.

It will be up to the client to bear the expenses related to all the necessary elements to organize in a permanent way, however, the organizing company can take charge of locating and commissioning the necessary work materials, prior payment by the client, once the estimate has been accepted.

Garbage removal is responsibility of the client. The removal of things that are no longer required is also done by the client but with the advice of the Professional Organizer in case of being subject to donation and /or sale. In cases of large-scale work, the Professional Organizer can search for companies that contract removal of rubbish, papers and /or objects.

The client and the organizing company will decide the convenience or need for the client’s presence, or if the company does the organization on its own, in which case, this will be limited to putting in order and not disposal. The purpose of the Professional Organizer is to transmit the necessary skills to the client, helping him to organize himself as well as establishing systems that allow him to maintain the work and adapt it as time passes. That is why the ideal is to work together. There may be cases in which the Professional Organizer works alone or the client himself, but this will be established from the evaluation interview and / or during the organization project.

They are established according to each client, the schedules will be adapted to the needs of each client. It can even be on weekends or holidays.

Spaces in order has been a member since 2017 of the AOPE, Asociación de Organizadores Profesionales de España, we adhere to an Ethical Code to ensure high quality standards in services and customer relations, in order to offer maximum guarantees.

Once the work is finished the client will have the possibility of additional telephone consultancies by appointment during the first month after the work is finished.