"Get rid of useless objects and release your vital space,
it will simplicate your life".

"With order and time there is the secret to do everything and do it right". Pythagoras.

"Before changing the world, give three laps to your house." Chinese proverb.

imagine an ordered space

MAXIMIZE YOUR TIME and OPTIMIZE YOUR SPACE, applying ORGANIZATION SYSTEMS to gain functionality and simplify the management of your home and your company.

Espais en ordre is a professional service for the organization of spaces, advising individuals and companies on how to organize and optimize their space, in order to put an end to the disorder.

At home, we help you get rid of objects that are no longer useful and that occupy your living space, to achieve the relaxed environment you want to find when you return home after a tiring day and organize your things to make your life easier.

The key lies in acquiring simple changes in habits and setting new guidelines to meet small challenges that will help you achieve a surprising end result. Once you have achieved this you will realize that your stress level will be reduced considerably and that you take better advantage of your time.

At work, the goal is to order all those elements that are essential for managing the company, and organizing them so that we achieve greater functionality and efficiency in daily work



  • You have many more things than you need and you spend the day collecting, but there is always disorder?
  • Is your home only presentable when you expect visitors?
  • At home, there is nothing else left for you, but you do not see yourself able to get rid of useless objects because you don’t know where to start or because you have an emotional bond?
  • You never find what you are looking for when you need it and you’re desperate for?
  • A relative have died and you do not have the courage to classify her o his belongings to decide what to do?
  • you have to move and you know it's the best time to get rid of useless things that you will not know where to put and do not have time to occupy yourself?


If you have answered yes to any of these questions,

  • Saves money, stop impulse buying and only buy what you really need. (Being aware of the chaos that is an accumulation of things, which are not necessary to be happier, but quite the contrary, they generate stress and discomfort).
  • Introduce new organizational habits that will allow you to know what you have and where each thing is found, avoiding the restoration of chaos in your living space.
  • Save time, because having less objects means: less cleaning, less moving and less hoarding. Then you can spend more time on what really makes you happy.
  • Maximize your space because you have eliminated what you really don’t need which frees up space for what you want to preserve and is really useful in your daily life.
  • You will obtain a greater functionality by restoring confort and practicality.
  • Simplify your life and gain peace, because you’ll have considerably reduced the objects that you had accumulated and that were no longer useful to you, which will allow you to clean up much faster.




  • Do you waste ages looking for an important document?
  • Do you accumulate a lot of invoices that you do not have time to file and it is difficult for you to find them when you need them?
  • Are the files full of documents that aren’t relevant and that we could scan or return to their owner?
  • Chaos has been placed in the store of your store or restaurant and you can not find what you are looking for easily?
  • There are too many utensils in your restaurant kitchen, it is no longer functional, it seems that it has never been finished and it is not completely clean.
  • A relative of a client has died and does not bother to classify his or her things to decide what to do with them?


If you have answered yes to any of these questions,


Hi, my name is Antònia Juan, I have worked as a lawyer in Public Administration and in the private sector, and I have also trained as a personal coach and in NLP.

I know perfectly the operation of an office and the filing problems that are generated as well as the order and organization needs that any business requires to achieve the highest economic performance, through implementing functionality and efficiency.

I also have an extremely developed creative facet that I have channeled into my two great passions, music and painting, creativity that allows me to form a good composition of space.

I have always felt the need to live in an orderly environment that would allow me to create a relaxed atmosphere to reach inner peace and emotional stability.

I am a very pragmatic person and aware of the importance of maximizing time. I like people, I am empathetic and it is essential for me to create a good environment in which the client finds himself comfortable and expresses his needs. I can promise you’ll be satisfied with the result and will also teach you guidelines in order to maintain the goals achieved.

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