Services and rates

The service is personalized and I adapt to the needs of each client and advise on those elements of organization that are most useful at all times.
  • I organize closets, libraries, kitchens, pantries, storage rooms, warehouses, bathrooms, ...
  • I carry out removals for transfer to new housing.
  • Inheritance inventory, for the death of a relative, packaging and labelling all their belongings to facilitate the work of giving or awarding successors.
  • Organization of documents and archives, both physical and digital.
The budget will be made based on the difficulty of the project and the time necessary to finish it.
The rate will vary depending on whether you are a private individual or a company.

The budget of a media project:

Private: It can range between € 75 and € 175 + VAT

Company: It can range between € 135 and € 270 + VAT
SPECIAL PACK TARIF by the hour (* The rate is reduced depending on the total number of hours hired).
  • I create organizational and archiving systems in restaurants, shops, offices ...
  • Reorganization of warehouses, kitchens, pantries ...
  • Organization of physical and digital document archives.
  • Advice on making better use of space.
  • I assist you with the transfer or closure of business.