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"Get rid of useless objects and release your vital space,
it will simplicate your life".

"With order and time there is the secret to do everything and do it right". Pythagoras.

"Before changing the world, give three laps to your house." Chinese proverb.


Applying good organization systems to: Maximize your time, optimize your space, improve your quality of life and increase productivity.

Espais en Ordre advises individuals and companies on how to better organize themselves, permanently, in order to end chaos and mismanagement, and get more efficient and productive.

At home, it helps you get rid of what is no longer useful to you, reorganizing your space so that you can better manage your home and live in a more relaxed environment.

At work, implementing a good organization system, to achieve greater functionality and efficiency with fewer resources.

Incorporating new guidelines you will get a good result permanently.


We can advise and / or accompany you throughout the process.

  • We conducted a personal interview and identified improvements.
  • We determine the economic valuation, the additional expenses, the work methodology and all the terms and conditions, which will be reflected in an agreement that both parties will sign, guaranteeing total professionalism and confidentiality.
  • We set a goal and define a plan to follow, we help you implement the best system that suits your lifestyle or we advise you to carry it out yourself.
  • We examine the result, and make the necessary changes to complete customer satisfaction.
  • We can arrange follow-up sessions to ensure the long-term result.

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Hi, my name is Antònia Juan, I have worked as a lawyer in Public Administration and in the private sector, and I have also trained as a personal coach and in NLP.

I know perfectly the operation of an office and the filing problems that are generated as well as the order and organization needs that any business requires to achieve the highest economic performance, through implementing functionality and efficiency.

I also have an extremely developed creative facet that I have channeled into my two great passions, music and painting, creativity that allows me to form a good composition of space.

I have always felt the need to live in an orderly environment that would allow me to create a relaxed atmosphere to reach inner peace and emotional stability.

I am a very pragmatic person and aware of the importance of maximizing time. I like people, I am empathetic and it is essential for me to create a good environment in which the client finds himself comfortable and expresses his needs. I can promise you’ll be satisfied with the result and will also teach you guidelines in order to maintain the goals achieved.

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